Massage Therapy
Continuing Education Program

 24 hours CE Required

The Massage Therapy Continuing Education Program is a 24 hours program. The 24 hours education is a requirement every 2 years for license renewal with division of professional regulation. The classes can be taken seperately or as a package. Please call for Details or current information.

Call for All Available CE Course Courses

A licensee shall be required to complete 24 hours of continuing education, including at least 2 hours of Ethics. 

Approved Continuing Education (CE)

1)         CE hours shall be earned by verified attendance at (e.g., certificate of attendance or certificate of completion) or participation in a program or course (program) that is offered or sponsored by an approved continuing education sponsor;

See the complete CE Hours Requirements

Each self-study course shall include an examination.


Effective Immediately - All Renewals must Include 1 Hour SHPTG

Please call 773-205-5476 to arrange the Training.

          Ethics & Standards – 2 CE hours



The course includes concepts in Professional Ethics.  It covers six standards of practice based on codes of ethics. Elements to be discussed include definitions of terms, current legal considerations, HIPAA compliance, etc., which come under the first three standards of Professionalism, Legal and Ethical Requirements, and Confidentiality.  Standard IV Business Practices addresses framework issues such as physical environment, record keeping, hours and fees, advertising, etc.


Aromatheraphy -- 6 hours CE


In this next level aromatherapy course, you will learn more about the use of essential oils, how they are extracted, how they are administered, and what makes them appropriate for use in certain situations.
You will learn the chemistry of essential oils, how they are to be properly blended and administered, understand the methods of production and the various products that are produced, know the difference between food grade and industrial grade essential oil, and learn the key therapeutic and energetic properties of a number of essential oils.


Face Toning Massage - 6 CE hours  


Perform a "hydrotherapy face toning" massage treatment. The clients see a tonal difference after the very first session.

The course is devoted to learning, practicing and receiving a sequential series of massage strokes that affect the facial muscles, along with tightening and toning of the neck and upper chest.

The stress relaxing result derived from Face Toning massage impresses clients while sitting down the entire time. 

The process requires lots of warm, moist towels for the face, feet, neck and chest as an additional bonus.

Handouts, massage lotions, crèmes and facial towels, linens are a required part of this course that comprises of Hands on practice of face toning massage therapies.

This workshop will enhance your practice with new techniques and improve the quality of your work. The usage of the face toning massage has helped practice of many tired and stressed out massage therapists.


Chair Massage – 6 CE Hours


There is no better way to prosper in the massage business than with chair massage. With chair massage the objections that people have to table massage (time, cost, modesty, etc.) are lessened or disappear completely, increasing your market tenfold.

This dynamic course will teach participants simple, effective and routine chair massage skills. The lessons teaches ways to make money with your massage chair and to consistently make money with it on completion of this class.

You will also learn:

  • The "secrets" to success at trade shows and festivals.
  • Get companies, not employees, to pay for your services.
  • Sell benefits and get results!
  • Multiply yourself by subcontracting your work



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